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He published a score of books: novels, short stories, poetry, nonfiction and an autobiography.

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Nature Day and Night, with Max Hooper. ISIS are on the warpath and are looking at sneaking anthrax into a distracted America. Kelderek is introduced as a hunter, who loves the bear and has a huge trust in him.

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The action and setting are timeless and the background imaginary—the Beklan empire which has been over-run, and its inhabitants, the Ortelgans, enslaved. Peter Prescott gave it a glowing review in Newsweek. This story, then became the central theme of the book Watership Down.

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With his help they are able to drive off their oppressors and are returned to power. Other than these two successful series, he had also written a few standalone books in his career. It propelled Adams into the limelight like few other authors. It quickly topped the New York Times best-seller list and remained on it for eight months. Although he has also written adventure novels in the style of Shardik, Adams is at his happiest in the animal world. Because of her assistance in preventing the war, Maia receives the proclamation of a heroine. Editor, Grimm's Fairy Tales. Adams left the civil service to write full time. Lockley's study The Private Life of the Rabbit, but his work is very much a fictional unity. Facing the destruction of their underground warren by a housing development, a small party of yearling bucks led by a venturesome rabbit named Hazel flees in search of a new home. A copy sits on the table beside him, and its author seems chuffed to bits. The book that made his reputation is being republished in a handsome hardback edition by Oneworld. Indeed, he is inclined to speak of the long dead as still alive. He discovers the deeper layers of the passionate belief in the divinity of the bear.

The work was rejected by several publishing houses before a small independent publisher accepted it. Few believed him. It was well received but not a runaway hit. On his promotional tours across the Atlantic, Adams played the American idea of the archetypical Englishman, wearing a bowler hat and insisting on English marmalade and mustard wherever he went.

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Richard Adams: a unique writer whose masterwork made literary history