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He too is as lonely as the old man and if anything he seems to realise that the same fate awaits him as does the old man, that being remaining alone. The soldier and the girl: As mentioned earlier above, the underlying relevance for presenting these characters is not clear. He is too self-contained and glued to his present to foresee the possibility that he may someday be as old as the old man and may outlive the wife like the old man. It is also interesting that the old man still wishes that his life was over as this further suggests or highlights the idea of despair. Close now. Attitude towards the old customer: The younger waiter, though he waits upon the old man, is sarcastic and hostile. Note: Theory of Iceberg- In this type of writing there is always an underlying meaning which is not immediately evident. First, the title itself is a symbol for man's desire to find a state of tranquillity, safety, and comfort. He knows what it is to feel emptiness, to live on a deserted island. The truth is buried underneath the storythe emotional darkness, eventual isolation, and existential depression caused by the nada, the nothingness.

It's a story of two waiters working late one night in a cafe. Their lack of confidence does not let them defeat the overwhelming darkness in their lives. The unhurried waiter disagrees, saying that an hour is the same to everyone. It discusses that there is no supernatural reason or explanation of how the world is today.

This idea of nihilism is explored while the older waiter is talking to himself.

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He also knows that he will lie in bed alone waiting to sleep and that there are others just like him who must suffer with insomnia. The pattern of contrast between the characters of the younger and the older waiters rapidly gathers momentum as the story forges ahead with the alternation of its narrative and dialogues.

Note: Theory of Iceberg- In this type of writing there is always an underlying meaning which is not immediately evident.

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With all those who do not want to go to bed. The fact that the older waiter also notices that one of the counters in the bar is unpolished may also have some symbolic significance. The other characters mentioned in the story are: The Barman: We understand from the language used that the barman is Spanish and the story has a Spanish setting. But it shows the general temperament of the two waiters who comment on the soldier with the girl. For them, the cafe with all its light and cleanliness is as the only little oasis in darkness where they can forget their fears. I believe that the story takes place during WWI in Spain Which may further emphasis the sense of loneliness that the older waiter feels. In contrast the old waiter detests bars and bodegas but ironically goes to the bar to have a drink while reflecting on the nothingness of man and life. I had always thought of plot as just being the sequence of events, but after our reading assignment I realize that there is much more to it. Hemingway's short story displayed this emotional journey in many different ways. Near the end of the story, the author shows us the desperate emptiness of a life near finished without the fruit of its' labor, and the aggravation of the old man's restless mind that cannot find peace
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Short Story Analysis: A Clean, Well