A literature review on inpatient falls essay

When there was one low-low bed to nine or more standard beds there was no statistically significant decrease in serious fall-related injuries.

An important reduction only occurred when there was one low-low bed to three standard beds. The purpose of this paper is to recognize and explore ways to improve the use of bed restraints and further educate nurses on proper use to enhance patient safety Background: A 9-year evaluation at The Northern Hospital found an important reduction in fall-related injuries after the 6-PACK fall prevention program was implemented.

fall prevention essay

Doi: There appears to be an association between serious fall-related injuries and the number of available low-low beds. November 19, It will touch on the complications of RBC transfusion, when to transfuse, the management of blood loss and the impact of RBC transfusion on critically ill patients.

evidence based practice fall prevention in hospitals

This is why the topic has been selected for further study.

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Fall Prevention in Hospitalized Patients Essay