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Everything around appears joyful. But during this short period, the roads and streets are flooded. Sometimes, after the rain, a rainbow can be seen in the horizon.

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If we could control rains and bring them on wherever we are in need or keep them off as long as we desires them, of course rains would be a blessing. On the other note, a rainy day is beneficial to the fauna and also for the agricultural activities. Some might get too lazy while others might just get creative. It was not the one we usually took. It rained heavily with thunder and lightning. We got ready, packed our school bags, had our breakfast and headed to the car with our mother who drops us to school every day. Rainy day in summer season is particularly good as we can drenched in the rain during this time unlike winters when we have to stay indoors and can enjoy rain only from our window sill or balcony. Moreover, it gives them a chance to step out and play in the rain, jump in the puddles and make paper boats. A rainy day washes the earth, revealing its inner beauty and the life that lay underneath. It is a day to enjoy and celebrate. We also were extremely tired. The kids are probably the most excited lot of all. Even at that hour I could see bad weather ahead. The villagers can find a chance of catching untimely appeared fishes in the rain..

I love the summer rain more than the downpour during the winters. There is so much and so beautifully written about the scenic beauty of nature.

Most importantly, we see rainy days are of utmost importance for farmers.

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Technically, any day when it is raining, could be termed as a rainy day. Despite being beneficial to the ecology of a place, rainy day might cause little discomfort in some cases. The rainy day has its both advantages and disadvantages. I love the summer rain more than the downpour during the winters. The glimpse of droplets blending in to the sea waves, soothe my eyes. Importance of Rainy Days As stated earlier, rainy days are enjoyed by people of all ages. Some spend their time cooking aromatic food while others like me spend time eating and gaining weight. Visibility was reduced to a few meters. The rainy day, if it comes to happen in the monsoon of mango and berry, brings an unenjoyed charm to the children. The points have been written in simple language and to deliver the facts on a Rainy Day.

It provides them with adequate water to make their crops flourish which will eventually benefit them. When at last the rain stopped, I was hardly in shape to carry on my journey.

The day laborer cannot earn even simply a kg of rice to satisfy their hunger.

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But the poor wage-earners have to Suffer a lot. I and my brother got dressed, hung our bags, wore our rain coats and started for the school. It soon became worse. After spending my afternoon and relaxing with my mom, I love to go on a drive with my dad in the evening to explore the city and relish the beauty of nature. Some spend their time cooking aromatic food while others like me spend time eating and gaining weight. Or maybe rains just create the poetic mood, the beautiful scenery, rainbows, background music of raindrops, hot cup of coffee everything inspires writers. The streets and lanes were full of water.

I enjoy reading a book and sipping hot coffee as I enjoy this amazing weather. The students cannot attend their school.

On the first rain of the season we just run out of our house into the rain giggling and smiling with delight.

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White dress, as I like the contrast it gives, the dark weather and a white dress is a pretty combination and I love it. But remember to be careful, as sudden exposure to too much of rain can get you sick. Conclusion There are different ways of enjoying this special day. Monsoon season these days gets delayed often and rains have become quite erratic. In the essay below we will go through the benefits of a rainy day as well as its disadvantages. Conclusion It was one of the best days of my life. It offers rejuvenation amid the daily stress. It started raining and the bonus was that there was no teacher in the class. The people have to remain indoors in front of fire or room-heater. Paragraph on Rainy Day in Summer words Rains during the summer season are considered best. A rainy day feels calm, peaceful and serene despite the occasional burst of thunder which it might bring.
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