A study on the negative effects of chronic kidney disease on the mechanical and structural propertie

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The ovary was excised and removed. Data Availability: The authors confirm that all data underlying the findings are fully available without restriction. However, at odds with our results and those of Cowley et al.

A study on the negative effects of chronic kidney disease on the mechanical and structural propertie

Diagnoses and causes of death of dogs in the control group included neoplastic disease hemangiosarcoma [2 cases], esophageal mass, abdominal massmegaesophagus complicated by aspiration pneumonia, head trauma 2 caseshemothorax and hemoabdomen, and cholangiohepatitis with mucocele.

While bone mass is a major determinant, both the distribution of bone and its material properties inherent physical and chemical properties also play crucial roles. Therefore, the goal of the present study was to examine material-level changes in cortical bone at several length scales using a rat model with the progressive development of CKD.

The lower phosphorus and calcium balance in the present study is likely reflective of the loss of bone mass in the OVX rats compared with Sham. The disease is irreversible and progressive in nature, and as it progresses, metabolic derangements worsen. Scans were reconstructed and analyzed using commercial software. The precise structural and compositional changes in the skeleton that occur in CKD patients, are not entirely clear. Accordingly, no difference in iPTH at 35 weeks between groups was observed CKD-associated bone diseases include several different types of bone pathologies, such as adynamic bone disease and osteomalacia which are characterized by low bone turnover, osteitis fibrosa cystica which is characterized by high bone turnover due to secondary hyperparathyroidism and mixed uremic osteodystrophy which is characterized by either high or low turnover and abnormal mineralization [3]. Integration time for all scans was 4, ms, and a 0. Ar , cortical thickness Ct. The aim of our study was to evaluate the effect of CKD on canine bones. Kidneys and uteri were excised and weighed. Further, administration of estradiol tended to mitigate the changes 6 , 7 , 8. Creatinine clearance was not different between groups 4. In addition, kidney weight was not different between groups 1. When non-normal distributions or unequal variances were present, comparisons were made using Wilcoxon ranked-sum tests and unequal variance t-tests, respectively.

A meta-analysis of 68 studies on nondiabetic kidney disease concluded that kidney function declines more slowly in women than men 3.

Cancellous bone was also affected, having significantly lower trabecular thickness and bone volume over total volume in CKD cats compared with controls.

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The Influence of Chronic Kidney Disease on the Structural and Mechanical Properties of Canine Bone.