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Shabrina Jahan 34 It's introducing a new plane every three weeks and adding one every 10 days including a second type of aircraft Fast Company. Since products and services are essentially standard,customers of this industry are price conscious under their belief that all airline companies will get them to their destination but would prefer to fly with the one that can get them there cheaper.

Outcomes: The investmenst supports the expansion plans. The report has identified and analysed the competitve strategies and advantages of the airline business models, which has helped in identifying how an airline can further focus its positioning for a sustainable long-term path of growth and profitability.

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JetBlue wants to differentiate itself through reliability. The Hunan Resource Department of JetBlue airways are an effective tool to influence employees; as a result this Airways position is top 3rd in the ways of market capitalization in US.

JetBlue offers a variety of in-flight entertainment such as DirecTV with 36 channels of free programming. This leaves a question to be asked, if they are successful at their current locations that may not be heavy traffic areas, why could they not be just as, if not more successful in larger, higher traffic locations?

JetBlue Airways has successfully achieved superior performance by integrating the low-cost services with a differentiated offering. The increased inflation rates of products, as well as the economic downturn are subsequently huge threats that should be considered when implementing their future financial strategy.

Outcomes: It is to gain additional revenue.

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SWOT Analysis: JetBlue Airways Corporation