Analysis of the poem ducle et

The first part of the poem is written in eight line stanzas and six line stanzas.

dulce et decorum est analysis genius

The main themes of this poem are listed below: War One of the main themes of this poem is war. All are lame and blind, extremely tired and deaf to the shells falling behind them.

The Poetry is in the pity. Worst of all, our speaker can't do anything to help the dying soldier. He's too slow to don his gas mask and helmet, which would have saved his life by filtering out the toxins.

Owen ends the poem with these lines to accentuate the fact that participation in war may not at all be decorous. It's some time after the battle, but our speaker just can't get the sight of his dying comrade out of his head.

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Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen: Summary & Analysis