Assembler directives of 8086 microprocessor

The contents of the segment registers are shifted left four times with zeroes 0? But leave the bytes un-initialized. It is the task of the assembler designer to select the suitable strings for using them as directives,pseudo operands or reserved words and decides syntax.

The data is stored in data segment area. Loader linker further converts the object module prepared by the assembler into executable form, by linking it with other object modules and library modules.

Directives Also called as pseudo operations that control the assembly process.

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DT: Define Ten Bytes: The DT directive directs the assembler to define the specified variable requiring bytes for its storage and initialize the bytes with the specified values.

This multiplication process takes place in the adder and thus a 20 bit number is generated.

assembler directives tutorialspoint

The second phase looks for the addresses and data assigned to the labels. Directives And Operator: Assembler: is a program that accepts an assembly language program as input and converts it into an object module and prepares for loading the program into memory for execution.

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