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Issues are usually framed in the form of questions that are answerable by "yes" or "no," for example, "Is the contract void?

banyan tree designing and delivering a branded service experience

Format of the Case Digest I. Such acts projected the Banyan Tree brand as being caring and sincere, consistent with its positioning of a romantic brand. Instead of clinging slavishly to the western models of thinking, bschools should focus on improving their ties with the business fraternity.

Banyan tree case study analysis

Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts BTHR identifies itself as the pioneer company to adopt the concept of designing individual villas as love nests for couples on holidays. Threat of new entrants or potential competitors- Low pressure: There are high barriers to entry such as heavy investment costs in acquiring suitable land size in recent years. Myth 4 -- Brands are symbols and imply emotions and should be managed by creativity rather than analysis. Positioning as a sanctuary for romance and intimacy was well thought out, these being timeless attributes valued by many couples. For instance, there are ancient documents commenting on a certain type of wine, jewelry, dye, or clothing as far back as Egypt and Babylon. Consequently, the customers are willing to pay premium price to banyan tree and their loyalty is enhanced, as they believe in Banyan trees value. Table 1 contains information on three of the first-mortgage bonds listed in the Annual Report. It became so successful and profitable owing to the fact that it ended up knowing its target customers so well, it met their needs better than other giant chains such as Hilton and Shangri-La. However, there were the impact on macroeconomics like Asian financial crisis on , Terrorist activities on , SARS on and Tsunami on As investors, they can realize how well the corporation done within a year and what the corporation will do in the next year and what is their strategic planning when they go through the entire financial analysis report. Such acts projected the Banyan Tree brand as being caring and sincere, consistent with its positioning of a romantic brand. Rivalry among existing firms- Medium to high pressure: Within the luxury resort market, BTHR successfully positioned itself to capture the interest of price conscious customers that still seek for premium services through excessive branding and advertising. There have been several excellent external and internal avenues of success for the company that has allowed it to prosper within a competitive, but niche market. The city hotel was also positioned similarly on romance and intimacy although it additionally catered to business travelers.

Overall, Banyan Tree was viewed by guests, staff, local communities, and public interest roups as a warm, sincere, caring, ethical, and responsible company. Governments have also set stricter regulations on ownership of land as well as greater environmental responsibility for firms in the industry.

Yes, brands are emotional, but in order to accurately judge their position, it is important to analyze their performance with consistent benchmarks. The concentration of business in this region exposes the company to risk should natural disasters or other crises occur in the area.

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Banyan tree offers customers with more than just a luxury place to stay for the holidays. San Miguel Corporation 2. Zenith and Cadillac were great brands, are they now? Words: - Pages: 16 Case Study All departments in a company are crucial, but in the contemporary world, brand building and even retention are qualified more by delivering on the brand promise. It also obtains over 40 percent of its merchandise from imports, purchases over-runs from manufacturers, and maintains a strong focus on keeping costs low. Words: - Pages: 5 Banyan Tree These competitors are huge, boasting over 50 hotel locations, their size allows them to maintain a stronger brand image. Being the first in the market gave them a head start in penetrating the market. Its strong strategy is to enjoy higher prices for the concepts like tropical garden spa and pool villa which is a signature feature of Banyan Tree and complement it with residence and property sales and gallery operations. The CSR principles also affect the brands image, and the company should continue to operate under these principles to deliver a consistent, positive brand image. Between and a series of crisis severely challenged the hotel industry and stake holders, especially in asia region, which never before have so many issues that causes a crisis that has lasted that long With majority of properties located in asia, Banyan tree was hit hard by the crisis causing poor profitability in
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Banyan Tree Case Study Essay Example