Before and after the fact writing and reading hitchcocks suspicion

With a warning shriek, the train suddenly plunges into a tunnel Perhaps anticipating that the preview ending would get laughs, Hitchcock and his collaborator devised a way for Lina to realize her error that was guaranteed to have that effect: a cutaway shows that the family dog is present in her bedroom when she starts to drink the glass of milk, and when she sets it down still full, Johnnie, with a remark about 'waste,' feeds it to the dog.

December 5, [Today, Bill Krohn's penultimate report on the making of Suspicion adds more detail on the different revelations and explanations that were considered for the film's ending. The written novel had time for soliloquy and brooding.

before the fact

An appropriately dog-tired Bill Krohn tonight continues - and revises - his findings on the previewed endings of Hitchcock's Suspicion. With that dictum I personally do not agree. He looks at her for a moment, then realizing the full meaning of what she has said they go into an embrace.

It actually involved reshooting bits of the scenes leading up to the wild ride and most of the ride itself. In my next "Editor's Day" item, I'll try to show how that suggestive little scene took root and grew as the story was being written and filmed.

And I made a similar mistake: nowhere in the preview reports does any spectator mention Johnnie's planned suicide, although there is a fair amount of griping about the fact that Lina drinks a glass of milk she believes to be poisoned.

This is something I must do myself.

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