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To assess students' responses on the trading cards, you could develop a checklist similar to the following: Did I answer all the questions on the trading card? Students might be encouraged to label the map features using Jess's and Leslie's own words from the novel.

Discuss the What Is Friendship?

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One person may have qualities or strengths that the other person lacks, and vice versa. Featured Book. Could the song lyrics apply to you and a friend of yours? Imagine that after some time has passed, Jess has decided to write a letter to the Burkes to let them know what their daughter meant to him and how his life has changed since he first met her. In writing a letter to the Burkes from Jess, students can imagine how Leslie's vision and courage shaped Jess's life, and how he does "pay back to the world" what she taught him. Assess how well students understand the concepts you have been discussing by asking them to write down responses to the questions you asked at the end of Session 6. You may wish to share samples of students' trading cards that meet your expectations. Ask them to think about the responses they have just shared and brainstorm ideas for each topic. Make sure students are able to identify the similarities and differences among their information sets and that they are listening to each other as they discuss the differences. Does my trading card accurately represent the character in the story? Periodically prompt students to look at it and think about the things it says for example, first thing in the morning, when they are on their way out to recess, just before school gets out for the day, or whenever one of the behaviors on the list is exhibited in the classroom. In this activity, students focus on discussing the relationship between Jess and his father. Jess is deeply afraid of swinging over the eight-foot-wide rushing stream after the spring rains, and he is even more afraid of admitting this fear to Leslie, who seems to fear nothing. Write about a time when you had to overcome a fear.

Then have them create cards for other characters in the novel. What would he say to them? How would he describe his friendship with Leslie and her effect on his life? Jess struggles with many fears, especially his fear of swinging over the rain-engorged gully to Terabithia.

Read a passage out loud to the class. Reread the descriptions in the novel and draw a color map of Terabithia based on details from the novel. Have you ever lost a friend or a family member?

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"Bridge to Terabithia" Lesson Plans