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He has not fired a single employee from the university on the basis of poor performance. The construction is about to complete. The situation is even worst in under developed cities of the country. He loves to teach as teaching has always been his passion. He has got few days to depart and joining. I am grateful to all my students who took keen interest and helped me in developing case studies on Business Ethics in the light of their analyses and discussions. His salary is not good and searching for a better opportunity in other software houses. He is consistent and determined. To familiar Hina with the environment, routine work and in depth knowledge of the products, Fantasy Cosmetics expects her to work with all the departments for a week as a part of her orientation. Rehan thinks to take catch up classes other than regular lectures for weaker students to improve their reading and writing skills. The granted money is for a year only. Most of the people may not be familiar with the word Ethics and its meanings. He is an active member of several NGOs and welfare societies.

Hasan knows very well about Salman and his family. Zahid is confused and mentally disturbed.

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Farhan, one of the most brilliant students of the college comes to him with a request to increase his score. This humble effort expects to raise great hope for individuals in all fields especially Management Sciences.

Do you think Haris lacks leadership qualities?

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It has more than employees including staff members, waiters and chefs. He also realizes the importance of corporate academia linkage. Justify III. He has been giving his services in different companies for the last ten years. Question: What kind of action should Nazia take against the Director? Haris is self- motivated and determined to bring changes in the department that will increase the productivity and efficiency of accounts. What should the manager say to the employer who calls him for Shakeela? His father reaches to the last stage of the cancer but he decides to leave to resolve the financial issues.

He has got few days to depart and joining. Yes or No? Case Study Sacrificing career or blood relations Faraz is a software engineer and works in a software company whose most of the businesses with clients abroad.

5.03 - business ethics case studies answers

He also shows his belongings to a political party indirectly.

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Business Ethics Case Studies