Designing an lcm program for drilling

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LCMs work in such a way that particles in the mud increase in size in order to plug the pores and cracks that mud alone cannot seal White Paper, calcium carbonate, mica or even nutshells are conventional and relatively inexpensive materials which can be used to cure losses.

Shape memory polymers The shape memory effect was first discovered by Chang and Read in While the coarse particles set in place as the first barrier, the normal and frictional forces control the equilibrium of the seal.

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Lost circulation materials can be classified as fibrous, flaky, granular types or a mixture of the three types. These parameters are validated by the real time pressure while drilling PWD data. On the other hand, if a bridging particle failed or if the local deformation reduced the size of the bridge to be less than the gap between the slot walls, the particle would slip deeper into the slot and finally pushed through the slot.

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The glass transition temperature is the temperature at which the SMPs go from being in a hard and glassy state to a pliable state.

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Smart lost circulation materials for productive zones