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Researchers have been able to identify the factors that lead to drug abuse. Here are some of the causes of drug addiction.

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The family environment is also important: Violence, physical or emotional abuse, mental illness, or drug use in the household increase the likelihood an adolescent will use drugs. Physical Effects Other effects of drug addiction include — heart attack, irregular heartbeat, and contraction of HIV, respiratory problems, lung cancer, abdominal pain, kidney damage, liver problem, brain damage, stroke, seizures, and changes in appetite.

These drugs have their evil effects on mind and body cells of the addicts.

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There are centers of rehabilitation that are very helpful and could show how to overcome a drug addiction. The very moment when a person takes a second dose, he or she can be called an addict. There are two different common drug abuses. When adolescents do drink alcohol, they are more likely than adults to binge drink defined as five or more drinks in a row on a single occasion. If you are writing an essay about drugs, it is not enough to write your personal opinion. Heroin was first made by Alder Wright in from morphine. Trying drugs may fulfill all of these normal developmental drives, but in an unhealthy way that can have very serious long-term consequences. Essay on the Effects of Drug Addiction There are many negative effects of drug addiction on physical and mental health. This makes drugs one of the most beneficial inventions ever made. This is not meant to by a hypothetical exercise, but one in which you actually write an introduction and conclusion for your paper.

This first use is usually to mask certain emotions that they are currently going through. The availability of these drugs plays an integral role in perpetuation of addictive behaviors within families.

For these reasons, adolescents are a major target for prevention messages promoting healthy, drug-free behavior and giving young people encouragement and skills to avoid the temptations of experimenting with drugs.

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A lot of companies require the employees to take drug test before offering job. This is not meant to by a hypothetical exercise, but one in which you actually write an introduction and conclusion for your paper. The above tips are a just a few ideas that can help prevent drug addiction. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! It eliminated severe pains, many of times used for medical operations. However, they make the mistake of turning to drugs and end up making life more stressful. Chapter 4: Effects?
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Essay on Drug Addiction in Youth