Effects of child labour on academic performance

Some of them constantly miss classes and some completely drop out of school and engage as full time workers. These results show that the relationship between child labor and academic performance is based on the conflict between these two activities.

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Students who combine work and school face problem of attending school on time, they are mostly coming to school late because they engaged in domestic and other activities before going to school. Government: Findings of this study might provide the government with the foreknowledge of children's academic deficiency due to engagement in labour and other circumstances surrounding children educational development.

It deprives basic right to education and health. There are many children who stopped schooling due to financial incapacity in complying to school requirements.

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Divisionally, the study will be significant to: Parents: It will teach and guide the parents especially the ones who are economically backward on the dangers of engaging their children to labour as it affect children's educational achievement, and also highlights the educational implications on the children academic performance.

View at publisher Abstract In this study, the effects of different variables of child labor on academic performance are investigated. The targets populaces are the selected five 5 secondary school students in the study area Kwande LGA.

Children: When the government adopts proper plans for education for the interest of the young children as would be recommended and suggested, the study would be considered significant to the children.

It has 15 Council wards.

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What is the prevalence of child labour in Kwande LGA? Some of these children are knocked down by cars 5 especially by those unscrupulous drivers who over-speed while pursuing or running after bad customers who do not want to pay for their goods. Child labour with its goal to respond immediately to the basic need of the household deprives the child of the time to focus on schooling. This social phenomenon continues to exist both in developed and developing countries. Keywords: child labour, academic performance, Kwande, education, governments. Child labour is a worldwide problem regardless of the economic status of a country. Navidad majority of our population comprises those who are tolerating 3 child labour. However, it should be acknowledged that, in some cases, 4 work enables children to afford schooling by providing additional income for families. This study has implications for the formulation of policies, programs, and interventions for preventing, eradicating, and attenuating the negative effects of child labor on the social and educational development of children. Diaz opined that Nigeria as one of the investment destination in Africa, also encounters the same difficulties of child labour as it is rampant in this country due to poverty. It has also many effects in the development of the country as a whole.

There is the need for further interventions if this problem of child labour must be reduce to the barest minimum in Kwande LGA. Those who are engaged in shops, local companies, mechanic, traditional cloth making, factories etc by their pay masters are confined in one place and therefore work for longer hours thereby denying them the opportunity to attend classes and consequently affect their academic performance and eventually lead them to dropping out of school.

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What is the Effect of Child Labour on Learning Achievement? Evidence from Ghana