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Hallett T. However, special motivational techniques include using money and other rewards considerations, encouraging participation and improving the quality of working life of individual employee. To this latter school of thought, Human Relations Management , consideration such as responsibility, achievement, personal growth and recognition are factors that have greater potentials to propel any employee to higher level of performance than money. Intrinsic motivation is mediated inside the individual whereas extrinsic motivation is mediated outside the individual in the form of money, verbal support and other elements Deci1, However, it can be scheduled in further frequent manner. Chapter 5 - Conclusion: The conclusion of the research is described in this chapter. This research study Creswell, J. Management of school should focus more towards satisfying the extrinsic need of employees to hold the employee for long which subsequently helps to increase the quality of output produced by it. This study will investigate the relationship between the promotions and rewards on the motivation of employees with the effects from the performance of employees, more specifically in the educational sector. Feedback provides individuals with the results of their efforts thereby increasing intrinsic motivation.

This means that motivation helps to propel employees in an organization towards a goal directed pattern to achieve the organizational objectives.

We therefore reject the null hypothesis Ho and accept the alternative hypothesis H1 and state that there is a relationship between compensation and organization performance.

The study further reveals that level of motivation among the employee of the Ramchandrapur High School is low as com-pared to the expectation of employees.

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For example, if you run a business predicated on sales and you offer a commission to your sales personnel, they will typically try harder to make more sales.

Leadership can be used as another significant tool to motivate an employee, as leadership is about finishing the thing in a correct and progressive way. Only motivated individuals are prepared to work hard; consequently, it increases their productivity and performance while meeting the organisational target.

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The key is to identify employees that need more motivation than your higher performing workers and give those employees the motivation necessary to improve their performance.

This implies if employees are motivated; it certainly helps to raise their performance. Herzberg F.

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Impact of Employee Motivation on Performance (Productivity)