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Golem is a short film about a filmmaker who — in spite of his budding insanity — tries to direct the best horror movie he could dream of, but it becomes real. But also as a referee it is good to know the role oft he player and the coaches. I passed my license when I was 15 Years old. Until now I was allowed to officiate some big international tournaments. Everybody has some strength and some weaknesses. Thus, torture and psychopathy simply serve as context for this short movie. I have already made some short movies which enable me today to have the required skills to develop a meticulous and rigorous project with a motivated and talented team.

Not really. Maybe it is about the image of a referee.

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It is not about beeing a men or a women, it is about being a good referee. I think it is nothing about men or women. Thus, torture and psychopathy simply serve as context for this short movie.

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I think we have a really good program in Germany. She takes care of the organization as well as the management of the technical team on the shooting. Si oui, pourquoi? I had to define what kind of referee I want to be and to work on it. Therefore, the main idea I would like to express through this short movie is the duality between an author and his character, but also how difficult expressing themselves is for some people outside of their creation process.

When I was 23 I was invited to a big tournament in Germany which is for potential young referees.

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I am also watching a lot of games.

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Walid I. Essayed