Example of correctional nurse cv

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We discuss these details below. Assessed training needs of nursing staff. However, nursing is a skills-based profession.

Example of correctional nurse cv

Reference the company by name to show a genuine level of interest in your prospective employer for best results. Gained experience in procedures such as cryotherapy and trigger-point injections. Workers in this position perform many standard nursing duties such as diagnosing injuries and illnesses, providing treatment, and monitoring medical supplies. Accomplishments Accomplishments convey how well you performed in your previous roles. Earned a reputation for nursing excellence. Monitored and recorded vital signs. Assigned to the mental health crisis unit and play a key role on interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, RNs, social workers and corrections officers.

Second, use your creative writing skills to frame your nursing skills and duties within statements that convey your accomplishments whenever possible. Presented in-service training on ethics concerning elderly atrial fibrillation treatment.

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Credentialing Specialist Correctional Nurse Resume Objective A correctional nurse is charged with providing treatment to persons who are being held in correctional institutions including prisons, juvenile facilities, and half-way houses.

Additionally, the human reviewers will evaluate the resume to determine if the candidate can excel at the job and be a positive contributor.

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Proven ability to build positive relationships with patients, family members, physicians and other medical professionals.

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Correctional Nurse Cover Letter