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Buffy herself is a "symbol of female empowerment" ; as feminists we can all take comfort in the fact that Buffy "kicks butt and so can we all" Sherryl Vint agrees that Buffy is a "positive role model for young women, one which feminism should celebrate" para.

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Moreover, works that historically received little or no attention, given the historical constraints around female authorship in some cultures, are able to be heard in their original form and unabridged.

My body remembers.

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The authors use their expression in a way to have the readers to understand where they was coming from. Considering the behavior of not only Medea, but of all the women in Euripides play, Medea can be viewed as the first feminist work that paved the way for feminist views that are still being considered today Some decided to analyze the Black experience through their relationship to the Western world.

This novel embodies the struggle of women in the society for independence along with the presence of women struggling to live up to the demands that their strict culture has placed upon them.

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