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Taking one scene after another, work your way through the entire script. So go prepare for your shoot! Ensure Location Titles Are Consistent In order to generate an accurate script breakdown sheet or stripboard of scenes, you need to scan the script for any formatting errors.

Beyond the emotional connection, the more familiar you are with the story, the more likely you will be to identify all the elements once you begin marking the script.

Break the entire story down into one-line scene headings, showing where it happens and the main action of the scene with the reason for the scene's being always feeding the context of the story.

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One line per scene. PRO tip: When tagging elements you can name them differently from the script if you want.

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Here's what the process looks like: Film scheduling software goes hand-in-hand with script breakdowns. Just make sure to define the custom category and color in a legend.

The end result? J: I don't how he knows but he does. They've just made love. As a result, scene elements are rarely tagged so they must be inputted manuallyscene numbers may be missing, and formatting errors abound.

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Which characters are in the scene? Example: Joan tells Revi that her husband knows about their affair. By this time you'll know pretty much what happens. Start with the Scene Breakdown from the beginning of Act I. A number of screenwriting teachers are not working screenwriters and either don't know about it or feel they don't know enough about it to teach it. The quantity of the scene elements you need is essential so use your breakdown to plan ahead! Start to finish. Revi gets off the stool and walks to her, taking her into his arms. It's a spreadsheet, which means a lot of point-by-point data entry and room for human error. You can also click on the scene selector to go to a specific scene.

Begin with the first scene heading and expand it, in prose, building in details, character, dialogue, atmosphere, and location, whatever you feel the scene needs.

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How to Format a Script Before Starting the Script Breakdown