Life without modern gadgets essay

life without gadgets advantages and disadvantages

Using gadgets without using the brain repeatedly makes the function automated. One should exercise the brain by solving puzzles, Sudoku and crosswords. You are on page 1of 18 Search inside document His It is really hard to imagine our life without this modern gadgets, since most of us are using this modern items in various ways, if we use them in a good manner, we will achieve a lot in our business.

As these gadgets lure us with more rest and less stress, we pay for it with lifestyle disorders such as obesity, diabetes, heart ailments, hypertension and infertility problems to name a few.

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A recent study by Finnish scientists found a 40 percent increase in the risks of brain tumor for those who use these phones for more than 10 years. He thought that he will take a leave from office and will draw money from bank and give it to the owner. Our life was like miscommunicated without these gadgets.

Life without modern gadgets essay

Nevertheless, popular choices would be the television, telephone, camera, movie camera, microwave oven, video cassette player and recorder, video gaming consoles, Sony's Walkman, IBM's personal computer or PC and the first cell phone released inby Motorola. Slouching in front of the television or any screen for that matter, coupled with the continuous use of computer keyboards or phone keys for text messaging has brought about its own share of orthopedic problems.

Our educational system shouldencourage students to use their brains than depend on these hi-tech solutions.

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Life without Modern Gadgets