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However, the results are more stable when the position information is encoded, e. The total of hieroglyphs used at any time was never more than 1.

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Broadly, though, Mayan languages follow a consonant-vowel-consonant CVC pattern but according to the harmony principlesthe last vowel of the last syllable of a given word is usually suppressed 3. Each pair contains two different signs with similar visual features.

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The four codices Maya books known to us, are mostly about astrology eclipses, Venus cycles, horoscopes.

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Glyph blocks are typically composed of combinations of individual signs. Polyphony and homophony Polyphony or homography means that a given sign has different sound values and can thus be read differently despite being written the same way.

We evaluate either one or two rings, the inner ring covers half the distance to the outer ring. The Maya script, though, was possibly in use until the 17th century when the last Maya kingdoms were conquered 2.

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Maya Writing System and Hieroglyphic Script