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This allows the reader to follow your experience. Many essays, for instance, are braided, weaving together two or more strands of story line in an interactive fashion. Reflecting on family-What family events had significant meaning? Dipping into the well Our attention to thematic unity brings up one more important dynamic in most personal essays. Always reread your pieces for intention and make sure that sensitive, personal aspects of your piece are crucial to the understanding for the audience and not just fluff. Spiritual journey. Here, then, are several main options. Choose a form and style that suits you and is fitting for the experience that you are describing. This type of piece uses a heavily descriptive, flowing tone in order to tell a story. Some say that children learn to speak in order to tell the stories already in them.

Creative nonfiction should 1 include accurate and well-researched information, 2 hold the interest of the reader, and 3 potentially blur the realms of fact and fiction in a pleasing, literary style while remaining grounded in fact.

Or, I wish with all my heart that the story ended there. Start in the middle, with the drama. You will have an optional writing exercise. Showing v. That is why the personal narrative is also called a memoir essay—which implies that you are writing a true story about a slice of your life.

McDreamy took out a gall bladder. Coming Full Circle Regardless of form, all essays must end, which raises a final worthwhile question: how to bring closure?

As always in creative writing, you should consider why you are writing this piece: what can writing about this experience teach others?

Enjoy it! Or maybe it was Aaron Sorkin.

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One colleague wrote about her ex-husband of 20 years, an abusive alcoholic, listing all his evils. The sky hunkers down, presses, like a lover, against the land. It can often be narrative or heavily imagistic. Use language to enhance what you are writing about and not just as a means to say it. We will discuss how to use dialogue, character description, and other techniques to pursue this goal. Reading is the very best way to improve your writing! Ultimately, it should always be based on true, personal experience. It is there to be experienced, not simply thought about. By trying a different angle or creating a composite of past approaches, you get closer and closer to what you intend. Where do you find material to write a personal narrative or memoir essay?

You may complete an optional revision exercise. Generally, autobiographies are the life story or history of a person's life written by that person.

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Writing the Personal Essay