Procrastination thesis

procrastination research paper

Each of these tasks entails many smaller tasks. Your procrastination is not an untamable beast. But deadlines are not the whole solution of course.

Procrastination thesis

Expect to go through several drafts of each section of your dissertation. Elnora Angelica A. You may reproduce it for non-commercial use if you use the entire handout and attribute the source: The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ask others to read your writing and consider their comments and criticisms with an open mind. Will it take a long time to write? Lack of Motivation c. You turn it in. Not only for adult persons who took responsibilities for their family, but also for the youths like students.

Sometimes e. What do they think are the causes why they procrastinate? Academic Strand 2.

Procrastination speech

If you make your Writing Center appointment for several days before the paper is due, then you may be motivated to have a draft finished, in order to make the appointment worthwhile. Negative Habit d. I even committed an hour a day to my review article. With the equation: 3. Perfectionism could also be the cause of procrastination. How come all the other moms were chilling in the shade with a cool drink? Time is the only thing in this world that all of us can lose and never regain. Starting a new section cold may be more difficult. The literature review that I worked on as a graduate student had to summarize cutting edge research from over papers, and it was my very first publication. The seemingly insurmountable may be attained through a series of small goals and deadlines. As soon as I got to my office I glued myself to my chair and put in minutes of focused writing.

Once you are up there, it feels much higher than it looks from down below. Works consulted We consulted these works while writing this handout. You work out 1 hourtake a shower and dress 30 minuteseat dinner 45 minutesand go to a sorority meeting 1 hour.

Motivation may be maintained and even enhanced as each small step is completed. One way of providing structure is to view the dissertation as a series of steps, rather than as one mammoth task.

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Let a short break become a long one, or an evening in which you do no work at all? After a few days or a week, reread the section and edit again; you may be quite surprised by the impact of a fresh perspective.

Try tape-recording yourself speaking the ideas you want to include in the paper, and then transcribe the tape.

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