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Other advantages, adds the HRBrainBank website, include enabling workers to gift time from their PTO bank to a needy colleague and taking half-day leaves. According to Professional Employer Plans, this flexibility becomes a recruiting tool to attract and keep talent. Some benefits of PTO: Provide more vacation time for employees who don't use banked time for other things.

For example, unlimited vacation policies, popularized by tech companies like Netflix, are all the rage these days. From an employee's perspective, a PTO means freedom and flexibility; he no longer has to stretch the truth to use sick time for a vacation as he would under a traditional plan.

There is also a difference in PTO among employment status.

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However before doing so, employers need to understand what PTO is and how it impacts their business and employees. The acronym means "paid time off" or "personal time off" and, while many employees welcome the change, it can lead to costly mistakes for a company if it is not implemented well.

Employees like the flexibility of use as there are no restrictions for why they are using PTO.

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However, PTO also refers to a human resources policy that packages time-off perks as one benefit. Traditional Plan In a traditional benefits plan, paid days are tracked by category: personal, sick, vacation, holidays and bereavement.

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Paid Time Off (PTO) Plans