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Some young adults feel as though, if they are eighteen, nineteen, or twenty that they are able to make their own decisions. The management sets high standards and targets may overwork the capabilities of team members due to pressure to meet these standards.

These all have various styles, outcomes and have many similarities and differences when put into practice in a business environment The manager was adamant about the management group acknowledging staff input when goals, metrics and some of the company decisions were to be made Nevertheless, the system may experience some forms of downfall because members work differently within the team or workforce.

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The implement of management theories help increase quality of service as well as increase the level of productivity within an organization Hawthorne. For organisations to succeed in the increasingly competitive global stage there must be diversity leadership; a change is necessary from the traditional leadership values and norms Their people-oriented cultures influenced on their turnover rate and the performance-oriented cultures exerted a favorable influence on employee behaviors, thinking and behavioral patterns.

The method suits sales department because numbers drive the managers to deliver. Business Maters, Although everything I have learned within this course is important, there are definitely a few portions that particularly stand out for me Geis has held this position for 15 months. The four main management theories are classical-scientific, behavioural, political and contingency. Management is characterized as pursuing organizations objectives in an efficient and effective manner. Globalization can be defined as a process by which national and regional economies, cultures and societies become integrated through a world network of trade, communications, transportation and immigration Beck,

In attempts to explain the nature or dynamics of a particular organizational phenomenon, conflict may be incorporated as a causal factor Brown and Peterson, Along with examples of organisations and how styles of management are applied as well as the factors which influence the styles.

Stuart Anderson in Gladstone, Missouri.

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