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It is a risk that most people would not take but the narrator feels invincible for some reason. Even though they are strangers to him.

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They like to label this day as their own. From to he was a reader for the firm; [4] in he was appointed its chairman, a post he occupied with considerable success. Look out! Lucas very artistically painted various moods and attitudes of the urban people in the seven days of a week. The narrator is personally responsible for his actions. As to the reason he decides to do so is difficult to say. This imagery suggests to the reader just how tight a corner the narrator had put himself in. But Sunday evening is the most pathetic for the next day will be the Monday. The Sitting Bee, 19 Apr. Some of them even flew on ahead and prompted the rabbits to scoot. Related Posts:. However he has caused himself unnecessary mental stress in order to feed his ego. How he comes across to others.

A few people engage themselves in domestic duty. Their eyes shine with joy for another two-day vacation.

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The people get too much busy as they pack their bag and baggage for returning home. There are matinees on Wednesday.

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Surely, Thursday gets some strange features. Lucas very artistically painted various moods and attitudes of the urban people in the seven days of a week. His duties there allowed him a great deal of spare time, and he read extensively in the Reading Room of the British Museum. The narrator also appears to justify his belief that mental tight corners can be just as bad as or worse than physical tight corners. It is the favourite day of the author. What has happened to our trade unions? Which may leave the reader to suggest that the narrator might find himself in another tight corner in the future should he not keep a check on his risk taking. Different people enjoy this day differently. The last nail on the coffin comes when the rabbit tells the hunter that even the Irish cow, whom he was so fond of, was on the side of the rabbits.

It is a day we plan for, and therefore it is often a failure. But his was the mind of a critic and a commentator; and the hideous sustained labour of the ambitious novelist was impossible to him.

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He is allowing for his pride or ego to write cheques he cannot cash. Surely, Thursday gets some strange features. The narrator has given the impression that he is a man of means. The title of the essay is also interesting as the narrator really does paint himself into a tight corner and one that he only gets out of through good fortune. Look out! His father's financial incompetence prevented Lucas from going to a university, and at the age of sixteen he was apprenticed to a Brighton bookseller. People found relief from the boredom of office duty. The day is the herald of the Saturday and Sunday.

The fun and relic of the Saturday and Sunday have gone. It has no definite character. Sunday is the happiest day of the week.

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