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The owner of the inn was a heretic, who engaged the bishop and young sub-prior in a discussion.

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At Pentecost in the first general chapter of the order was held at Bologna, and a system of democratic representative government was devised. Not willing to believe the vision at first, Saint Dominic, once again asked the Blessed Virgin for a sign and again the same ball of fire appeared, hovering over the little church. After his death, his body was moved to a simple coffin. Saint Dominic placed them under a strict observance of silence and permanent enclosure, entrusting them to the spiritual care of some of his companions, whom he also organized into a house, adjacent to that of the women. Their goal was to finalize a marriage treaty between the young prince of Castile and the daughter of the said Lord of the Marches. In southern France, it spread among the women of the nobility, who remained the most committed segment of the population to embrace the heresy. For almost years the Dominicans preached against the Albigensian heresy. After becoming more familiar with the clerical student, the old bishop created him a canon of his Cathedral, with full rights to the income attached to the office, a practice not unknown at the time, but quite impressive, nevertheless. Later on, Dominic would add the white scapular. These annotated volumes made for unique manuals of theology, which proved indispensable to his studies. On August 15, , Dominic sent his friars around the world to preach and found convents. The movement established itself principally in the city of Albi in Lanquedoc the southern French kingdom. He had reddish hair and beard and beautiful eyes

He lifted his mind and heart to the Mother of God and asked her for a sign to indicate to him what exactly he should do, and where exactly to place the center of his apostolic work.

His parents were Felix de Guzman and Juana de Aza.

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His parents were Felix Guzman and Juanna of Aza. Later on, Dominic would add the white scapular. Albigensianism, explained the bishop, could only be extinguished with fasting and prayer, and an asceticism that might perhaps seem also exaggerated. Should a Believer survive after having been given the Consolamentum, he would be smothered to death by his family in a practice known as the Endura. The nuns took up spinning wool as their manual work. The miracle occurred a third time, after which he finally accepted the sign as authentic, and not the product of his imagination. Still in , he went to Rome with Foulques bound for the Fourth Lateran Council to lay his plans before the pope, who, however, recommended adoption of the rule of one of the existing orders. Due to the perpetual war in the Iberian Peninsula between the Christian kingdoms in the north and the Saracen Empire of Al-Andalus in the south, famines would from time to time erupt.

He is accompaning Bishop Fulco de Tolosa. However, on the trip with the bishop, Dominic met the Albigensians also known as the Cathari.

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This was the first foundation of the Order of Preachers, better known as the Dominicans. The true likeness of Saint Dominic On August 15,the saint gathered his band of sixteen members at Toulouse, at the church of Saint Roman, which had been given to the Preaching Friars by the bishop of that city.

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Dominic is interred in Bologna. So Dominic began to preach this good news. He sold the furniture out of his house and the clothes off of his back. Its population lives life much in the same manner their ancestors did over eight hundred years ago, when its most famous citizen, Saint Dominic de Guzman, was born in to the local Lord and Lady. Though of great curiosity to historians specializing in the subject, this question is of little if any real importance. The miracle occurred a third time, after which he finally accepted the sign as authentic, and not the product of his imagination. The sight of the masses of poor Christian refugees from the nearby border towns, or from within Moslem territory, affected him deeply. Despite his love for his studies, Dominic also sold his manuscripts that he used to study. Meanwhile, they saw Catholic priests and preachers dressing in expensive clothing and traveling in style. On this trip, Domingo has a first contact with the heretical movements in the South of France. Often, artists depict Dominic with stars. He took with him Saint Dominic and a number of other clerics that had come with him on the embassy. John to build the city of Valletta. Saint Dominic sold all his possessions, few though they were, to alleviate the suffering of as many of his starving countrymen as he could. The pope refused his request, reminding him of the great work that still needed to be done in Spain.

The group also took little food and water, and practiced harsh fasts. He then put in his request to retire his see and be sent north as a missionary.

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Laurence died in at the age of seventy-four. On the evening of July 22,the feast of Saint Mary Magdalen, Saint Dominic sat reading outside the north gate of the city of Fanjeaux.

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The nuns took up spinning wool as their manual work.

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