Sustainable design master thesis example

You will be joining a vibrant community of School of Architecture of Design students, studying in a collaborative environment of dedicated workshops and studios.

sustainable architecture thesis topics

The studio will speculate about potentials of urban and architectural design to initiate processes of transition. Open Market — Term 10 Thesis — Amanda Yeo Qian Yu This thesis is a component of the Design for Hyperdensity theme which focuses on the concept of high density living and sustainability.

However with the recent advancements in technology, it is now possible for architects to visualize and evaluate the performance of such surfaces in controlling the microclimatic environments. Brighton is one of Europe's most progressive and creative cities, providing the ideal backdrop and inspiration for the subject.

It requires you to develop and present the culmination, integration and application of experiences, methods, skills and mastery accrued throughout the course. My classmates included economists, graphic designers, school teachers, industrial designers, architects and artists, representing just a few of the disciplines that come together to tackle one of the most important challenges of our era: sustainability.

Such sites might become symbols of inequalities and emerge as marginalized zones.

sustainable design master thesis example

You will develop a substantive research position piece that will likely be related to your ongoing design work and generally inform your specialisation research project.

Course content Why study with us? Amplification — Term 10 Thesis — Yeo Song Pei Progress in architecture from past to present had often revolved around improving the form of indoor microclimatic control to provide cooling comfort for human habitation.

Technological advancements in the improvement of microclimatic control supported the rise of new architecture typologies supporting high-density living in cities.

We will ask you to engage with research through: - Examining the scope and value of research in design relative to other aspects of design practice and other disciplinary fields.

sustainable design thesis

You will meet a diverse and inspiring group of fellow students — people join us with backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, architecture, fashion, education, politics, product design and more.

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Sustainable Design MA