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The potential effects can include: depression; low self-esteem; self harming; shyness or even suicidal. The every child matters paper is aimed at ensuring every child should be helped to have positive outcomes in life. Get Essay Policies that safeguard children School must provide policies that safeguard children.

See more: 5 paragraph essay format — The welfare of a child should be promoted by a healthy partnership between the local authority and by family involved.

Discuss with their parents or carers what has happened and a way to resolve the issue and work together on a plan to create positive behaviour. A good working knowledge of the schools policies and procedures will assist you in protecting the child and promoting development to their full potential by exploring their environment and learn through experience.

Thank the child for coming to you and reassure them that this situation is not their fault. And many more. In some situations, sharing information with a family about their child could seem good practice, but it is not crucial e.

Child care legislation

Police — prevent crime and disorder and protect all individuals. Child protection is protecting a child where there is reason to believe that the child has suffered or are likely to suffer as a result of abuse. There are guidelines to follow to make sure that all of the services and agencies involved can work together to get the best outcome for the child and to improve their safeguarding. This Act includes two important sections which focus specifically on child protection. In some cases a child may have a physical disability which requires the school to adapt the infrastructure to accommodate their requirements which may include hoists or widened door frames. There are many policies and procedures within the UK that outline the current legislation and guidelines to help with safeguarding children and young people. They may even find that their username has been stolen and lies spread about themselves or someone else. Employment terminated; tribunal. It can also be used for recording and sharing information to agencies and specialist services to use their resources where they are needed most.

Domestic violence in the home affects both the parent and the child. The Children Act The local authority has a welfare of duty to protect children in their area and work …show more content… It emphasises the important principles to be followed when working with children and young people: settings must provide a safe and secure environment, if any children are identified as suffering from abuse or likely to suffer the appropriate action must be taken.

Its protects us against torture or inhumane treatment, forced labour, discrimination everyone is equal among other things. I got really caught up in researching for this unit, I think the trick is not to over complicate it and just get the main points across. This Act includes two important sections which focus specifically on child protection.

Sexual abuse is more than just physical sexual contact it can include: touching a child whether clothed or not in a sexual manner; touching a child with a sexual object; encouraging a child to engage in a sexual activity; making a child strip or masturbate; sexual grooming; taking indecent pictures of a child and not taking measures to protect a child from sexual activities by others.

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