The powder puff derby

Among them were some of the greatest names in aviation at the time, such as Amelia Earhart, a media favorite whose reputation had been forged as the first women to fly across the Atlantic albeit as a passenger the year before.

powder puff derby air race

Although women were not allowed to compete in major races until thes, many air races created separate divisions for the women. Luckily, everyone got out of the way.

powder puff demolition derby

Prior to the Bendix Trophy Race, air racing officials just would not believe that women were skilled enough to compete against men. Zeebra Books "Flight is abiding peace From there, then up through St. Women were encouraged to hold their own competitions. Although women have come a long way in aviation since the Powder Puff Derby ofit remains a weird mystery why there are so many more men, even to this day, who fly than women.

aviation powder puff derby
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