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In spite of the promise from INEC chairman that the election will be free and fair, local and international monitoring team categorized the election a rigged onein fact, as the most damning kind of election ever conducted anywhere in the world.

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Obia notes that the practice of godfatherism smacks of political criminality and subverts the values of democracy and good governance. Godfathers are Political Criminals, says Falana.

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XIX, No. Obia observes the implication thus: It has been contended that as a result of electoral fraud the people lost faith in the electoral process more so in opposition politics. Dare, L. Amidst the tension that engulfed the country via delay in reviewing the constitution to give real autonomy to the electoral commission by the National Assembly, Obasanjo and his vice Atiku accusing each other of corruption, agitation for more tenures from the southern politicians while northern politicians insist that power must move back to their region, or the persistent disturbance from the Niger Delta militants to control some oil wells located in their states. International Studies. Election rigging connotes any form of undue authority or power that influence and manipulate election result in a dubious way to protect a particular interest against the interest of the generality of the masses. This kind of process can come through, public debate, election and representation-building of consensus and formidable decision-making. Many political parties registered, the struggle for who should control the government gained momentum and this gave room for various presidential aspirants with the motives of perpetrating all forms of maneuvers to dethrone the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party PDP. This in return made the opposition weak and dead scared to push on and some credible members who would have run will hide their dear lives least should they be the next target.

It is unfortunate that the Peoples Democratic Party PDPthe ruling party in Nigeria has been hostile to opposition parties, mass media and civil society organizations. In Tai district, where we had seen few voters and where the polls had only opened for a few hours, turnout was recorded at an incredible This method shuns mutiny and chaos in a system hence it reflects peaceful hand-over from one administration to the other so long as the process is devoid of election rigging.

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Consolidation on this view is when the actors in a system follow have informally institutionalised the formal rules of the democratic institution. Journal of Management Inquiry.

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Mole, S. Report showed that the fabrications of the figures were carried out by the deputy returning officer. Recently, one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria, The Nation, reported through Adekunle Jimoh in 15th October, that a governorship aspirant Dr. In this electionthe military administration in power played a dubious role in determining the election outcome and they subverted the result and enthroned an unpopular candidate through election rigging.

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References Adejumobi, S. Introduction to Nigerian Government and Politics. Unfortunately, election riggings over the years have aided to the violation of the principle of fundamental human rights which A. It will be analyzed via content and historical analysis. The third wave: Democratization in the late twentieth century. The full participation of the people during electioneering gives the new government a legitimate foundation to govern. In Tai district, where we had seen few voters and where the polls had only opened for a few hours, turnout was recorded at an incredible Daili Independent, February 16, Godfathers are Political Criminals, says Falana. It allows for participation and it helps to reside power to the people. This was conspicuous in elections when opposition candidates were harassed, prevented from campaigning and even the filing of nomination papers was made impossible.
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(PDF) The Electoral Process and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria