Why traditional music of a country more important than international music

Why do we need music? Write about the following topic: There are many types of music in the world today. However, there have been lots of debates about the importance of traditional music or international one, music is just a tasty matter and no measure can be taken to show the importance of different types of music.

It is using in birthday parties and disco clubs. They forgot their traditional music. Every part of the world has its own unique identity. Music refreshes ourselves and inspires us to do something. Firstly, music is believed to be a representation of our culture.

New generation is following the Western music style. Model Answer 1: Kinds of music people listen nowadays are of different tastes and types. Most of the time I listen traditional music only.

This has occurred as globalization means Western music is heard around the world.

is the traditional music of a country more important than its contemporary music write your views

Because present days traditional music is coming out and mix up with international music. For example, people can feel free listening to soft, classic and loud music based on their choices.

There are strong reasons behind the importance of traditional music and modern music.

Why traditional music of a country more important than international music

And "I don't think that you should add the point about music helps to relax" is right but I just want to quickly answer the question "Why do we need music", shouldn't I? At last, the main responsibility of parents is to aware children to listen and introduce traditional music to the world. Approximately words by - Milad Rahimi Model Answer 5: Globalisation and information technologies made wonderful changes in music. But I think that it is more important for young people of the country to learn traditional music to enable them to know the origins of our Philippine ancestors. Ancestral music is often restricted to certain simple intruments with a limited tonal range, and the variety of rhythm patterns and composition techniques is noticeably reduced. You may submit your essays in the comments. Rate the article:. Secondly, it plays an essential role in entertainment.
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