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When they are written down, particularly in the dominant language of instruction, they lose something of their essence. Many show sympathy for the poor and oppressed, with often sharp criticisms of high-ranking church officials.

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Included there were several other tales of possibly West Asian origin. The god of justice, however, goes through them in reverse order and the penalty may therefore be delayed.

The Plane Tree — Our best blessings are often the least appreciated.

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There are also Mediaeval tales such as The Mice in Council and stories created to support popular proverbs such as ' Still Waters Run Deep ' 5 and 'A woman, an ass and a walnut tree' 65where the latter refers back to Aesop's fable of The Walnut Tree.

Such was its popularity that a rival theatre produced Eustache Le Noble 's Arlaquin-Esope in the following year.

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For the most part the poems are confined to a lean telling of the fable without drawing a moral. The Oxen and the Wheels — They complain most who suffer least.

Cartoonist Paul Terry began his own series, called Aesop's Film Fablesin but by the time this was taken over by Van Beuren Studios in the story lines had little connection with any fable of Aesop's.

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This contained both Latin versions and German translations and also included a translation of Rinuccio da Castiglione or d'Arezzo 's version from the Greek of a life of Aesop The Centum Fabulae of Gabriele Faerno was commissioned by Pope Pius IV in the 16th century 'so that children might learn, at the same time and from the same book, both moral and linguistic purity'. As well as two later editions in Martinique, there were two more published in France in and and others in the 20th century. The preface to this work comments that 'we consider ourselves happy if, in giving them an attraction to useful lessons which are suited to their age, we have given them an aversion to the profane songs which are often put into their mouths and which only serve to corrupt their innocence. The rhetorician Aphthonius of Antioch wrote a technical treatise on, and converted into Latin prose, some forty of these fables in The Spendthrift and The Swallow — One swallow does not make a summer. Regional languages and dialects in the Romance area made use of versions adapted from La Fontaine or the equally popular Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian. Thus, the fable " The Wolf and the Crane " is told in India of a lion and another bird. It contains 83 fables, dates from the 10th century and seems to have been based on an earlier prose version which, under the name of "Aesop" and addressed to one Rufus, may have been written in the Carolingian period or even earlier. The Rooster and The Fox — The trickster is easily tricked. I—IV by Anonymus Neveleti With the revival of literary Latin during the Renaissance, authors began compiling collections of fables in which those traditionally by Aesop and those from other sources appeared side by side. In this the fables of La Fontaine were rewritten to fit popular airs of the day and arranged for simple performance. In the early s, animator Jay Ward created a television series of short cartoons called Aesop and Son which were first aired as part of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. The Serpent and The Eagle — An act of kindness is well repaid. Thus one of the fables collected under the title of the Lion's share and originally directed against tyranny became in the hands of Rumi a parable of oneness with the God of Islam and obedience to divine authority.
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