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Back to that double-take you did at the top of the post — and had I mentioned that it was well-justified? Or, Pride and Prejudice, a contemporary, literary novel, tells the story of Elizabeth Bennett, a proud, intelligent woman, one of five sisters, whose mother is committed to marrying her children off as a matter of urgency.

What is it? If you have the skill to write a gripping synopsis, do ensure that you have used your energies wisely in advance of submitting and make sure that the book itself is as good as it can be. Be imaginative; things you take for granted may be interesting to others Non-fiction is often accepted when still in draft form, so say how far you have progressed to date, and when you will have a manuscript ready by Does it need illustration?

Polishing your synopsis is not only good short-term marketing strategy, but also an excellent long-term investment in your writing career. If you can estimate a word count for the length of the work do so. She has dozens more to get through before lunch.

Which of those purposes is operative determines how likely the synopsis is to get read.

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For some pre-formatted non-fiction titles, there will be a word-length you will be expected to hit anyway. I hear you grumbling about that. To an agent or editor considering only the first book, it would necessarily come across as a touch presumptuous, not to say irrelevant. The descriptive paragraph in the query letter may not have given her a clear enough sense of what the book is about, after all, or she may be a trifle skeptical about how the premise offered in the query would play out over the course of an entire book. Oh, and there is one more thing. Make it clear who the central character is. A history of tax? Writing a brief summary Having made it your top priority to identify what type of novel you have written, you can make a start on your all-important synopsis. To put it simply, the sample chapters are to show how you write, and the synopsis is to tell the reader what happens when they have finished reading them. Which of those purposes is operative determines how likely the synopsis is to get read. Otherwise, let the agent decide and they will help market you to the publisher, and the publisher then help market you to the public. When you can get away with a really short proposal There are times you can get away with a short proposal. What is a simple and effective structure for my non-fiction synopsis?

Most importantly in the longer pitch you need to show that you can write the book. First, a writer might have an unwieldy story that they themselves are not per cent convinced by, or a non-fiction project that they do not really know enough about.

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The more concrete information you can provide about your promotional plans for selling your work, the more enticing it will be to the publisher who wants to publish and sell your book. Competing and Comparable Titles. This should be between 50 and words as a guide.

Chapter titles are optional in fiction, but in nonfiction they are a must.

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10 Key Elements to Writing a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal