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Lastly, you will have your bibliography or works cited page. Clearly state your conclusions in your introduction. There is a realization that, in the blink of an eye, four years have passed by and there are new expectations and realities for the big dogs on campus.

What you gain in ease of access may come at the price of losing the big picture. Before submitting your thesis you should write a one-page doublespaced abstract that sums it up in a clear, cogent manner.

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Also, if your notes are in your computer, you may be tempted to save time and thought by pasting many of them directly into your paper. Always remember that your efforts will find a reward. What competing explanations, arguments, interpretations, or frameworks do you reject or refute? The purposes of the title are to attract the potential audience and to aid retrieval and indexing services. The timeframe for a thesis will differ depending on your department and major. You might have some of these on hand from your course work, but expect to go to the library and bookstore in order to pick up the necessary volumes. With this in mind, it is imperative that you create a schedule or a weekly checklist to coincide with writing your senior thesis. Author last name, followed by initials , abbreviated journal title in italics or underlined, year of publication boldface , volume number in italics or underlined, and initial page of cited article the complete span is better. So remember, make sure to prepare your thesis ahead of time, establish and gather your research in advance of writing, always follow the proper structure and cite everything that must be cited! Journal references.

Sometimes finding one or two sources is enough of a daily goal. Your school library is likely to have an online service like JSTOR that will allow you to do a digital search for scholarly material and read it for free online.

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What new questions do they raise? An English major may be able to submit a novel as a thesis, whereas a chemistry major might be expected to conduct an experiment.

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Writing a Term Paper of Senior Thesis